Rollers Screen

November 16, 2021

Roller Screen | Roller Feeder

A Certain Solution for sticky & Brittle Material Screening in Pelletizing Plants

Reliable Operation

There are rare companies in the world who professionally manufactures green pellet classifier products. As a roller screen manufacturer and designer, we know key countable points for customer and state of the art technologies. Our screening machines fulfill these requirements: High class screening quality and screening performance with reliable operation.

Close to Customer Requirement

The wide range of our roller screen and roller feeder portfolio, fully satisfies conditions of customers pelletizing plant. From the longest roll to the thinnest one, there is no limits in order to create a proper configuration with maximum screening area.

One can also adjust the roll rotation speed, roll gaps and screen inclinations depending on the material conditions and application requirements.


We offer various types of machines:

  • Single and double deck roller screen for the balling department; both comes in chain driven and multi-motor options as drive system.
  • Single and double deck roller feeder for the grate feeding station; both comes in chain driven and multi-motor options as drive system.
  • Compact size roller screen for the plant modifications where lack of space matters. Pilot roller screen for laboratory purposes.
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Unique Scalping Performance

FMS solution for protecting HPGR (High Pressure Grinding Rolls) is designing a particular roller screen for tramp removal applications. With thanks to SF roll type, this type of roller screen can be used for ore concentrate with high humidity; while, vibratory screen cannot perform properly for sticky material with humidity above 8%. Moreover, adjustable roller gap and high screening capacity are features of FMS scalper screen.


FMS roller screen availability+ series comes enhanced with its unique AF190 roll which introduces maximum screening efficiency with more than 3 years life time. Since, no roller gap adjustment or roller replacement is required, therefore, the equipment is always available with the efficiency a brand new screen.