Magnetic separator

Coated Roll
Coated Roll
November 16, 2021
November 16, 2021

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator with high recovery and customized design

FMS produced more than 1000 of magnetic drum separators (in over 100 plants and process above 50 million tons concentrate yearly) both wet and dry types. All the magnetic drum separators have been developed and optimized in accordance with plant builders and operators requirements in a closed three lateral cooperation between FMS, EPC contractor and Iron ore mining industry.

This closed cooperation led to deep knowledge of conjunction of processing, mechanical and magnetic parameters. In result FMS magnetic drum separators shown optimized separation recovery and efficiency in comparison with world leaders.


  • Robust and durable

With years of experience, FMS separators have proven to durable manufacturing and robust design against variation in feeding conditions.

  • Recovery+

FMS doesn't offer a separating product, but a recovery solution customized for customer requirements in order to gain more out of your process.

  • Adjustable drum position

To achieve better processing performance the magnetic yoke angle and drum position could be adjusted in horizontal and vertical directions.

  • Distributed feeding system

Since, distribution of feeding slurry is one of the main parameters for optimal performance of wet magnetic drum separators, the FMS has designed distributed and balanced feeding system.

  • Low maintenance cost

Body and tank of both wet and dry magnetic separators are protected by a wear resistant layer made of anti-wear natural rubber, ceramic tiles or 304 stainless steel. Bearings systems are also designed for heavy duty working condition.

Wet Drum Separator

Wet magnetic drum separators are suggested for finer material in almost all applications such as cobbing, roughing, cleaning and dewatering. To fulfillment the customer requirement all three tank configurations such as concurrent, counter-current and counter-rotation are presented.

Dry Drum Separator with housing

For dry material finer than 20 mm the drum separator with dust house is suggested.

For the coarser grain size, the belt drum separator is used. It can handle up to 400 mm feed grain size.

R&D and laboratory center

The FMS test center provides realistic testing at an industrial scale. Experienced expert with full range of magnetic drum separators in laboratory ensures feasibility of customized design regarding your demands.

Not only feasibility study, but also payback calculation of customer investment are performed based on the accurate results comes from laboratory tests.

If you are interested in visiting our laboratory, you're welcomed to have a complete tour.

Optimum separation of iron minerals with magnetic drum separators is based on variation of magnetic susceptibility of mineral particles from tailings.

FMS experts use comprehensive FEM analysis to obtain the optimum separation efficiency. The balance between the implied forces on each particle during separation process including magnetic, gravity, drag, centrifugal and etc. are taken into account.

Arrangement of magnetic assembly is another key design parameter regarding the point that high recovery or high grade product is desired for dry or wet applications.

Customer case

As a case study in Sechahoon mine the long distance between iron ore mine and the beneficiation plant hints the idea of skipping transportation of low grade ores.

Therefore, as a solution the primary crushing and separation system were designed to be placed at mine-site. A special separators with medium magnetic intensity is designed to sort large stones up to 400 mm with capacity up to 700 tph.

Then, the gangues remain at mine site and only higher grade ores are transported to the beneficiation plant, which results in reducing the human footprint on environment. Moreover, this idea dramatically saves energy and transportation costs.