Coated Roll

Magnetic separator
Magnetic separator
November 16, 2021


Maximum screening performance

It is impossible to achieve optimum screening performance unless accessing a wide range of roll types. Depending on application, classifying or de-dusting green pellets or even scalping iron ore concentrate, specific roll has been manufactured by FMS with the tons of successful experience in different plants.

Screening made easy

FMS found out the screening with conventional technology turns to be inefficient and uneconomical. Particularly challenging tasks are laid behind a key point, higher quality class of rolls.

New definition of roll product portfolio by FMS, helps the customers optimum selection considering cost and performance parameters:

  • Stainless steel 304
  • Stainless steel CA6NM
  • Chrome plated coating
  • SF80 series coating
  • AF190 series coating
All coated rolls has the chance of recycling the base roll material and also re-coating.