Mineral processing equipment

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Mineral processing equipment

Mineral processing

Mineral processing or mineral beneficiation is a technique in order to ore dressing and separate valuable mineral from waste mineral (gunge). To beneficiate mineral, first it is needed to crush and comminute ore. After that crushed ore are treated based on the differences of ore properties. Comminution is the most important process and dedicated the majority of energy in mineral processing. This unit is divided into two parts:


After drilling and blasting rock, the first process is crushing to achieve the best product size. the required crushing and classification equipment are as follow:

  • Feeder (Belt feeder, Vibrating feeder)
  • Jaw crusher
  • Cone crusher
  • Gyratory crusher
  • Screen (Grizzly screen, Vibrating screen)
  • Material handling (Chute, Belt conveyor, Belt weigher, Belt scale)
  • Sampler

FMS-Co has been involved in designing and producing structure of material handling lines since 2016 and has gained a great achievement and innovations. FMS-Co also present a wide range of vibrating screen types to cover most of size and scalping.


grinding operation is so dependent on beneficiation step, generally in this step raw material should be grinded until about 100 microns. Since grinding is so energy-intensive and costly, to this end, over grinding should be avoided. In order to gain the optimum size, grinding equipment are as follow:  

  • SAG mil
  • Ball mill
  • Piping and pumping
  • Hydro cyclone
  • Vibrating screen


FMS-Co can provide all type of mill and crusher by technologist partners.


Beneficiation and purification

Ferrous mineral

Mineral beneficiation is generally divided into two process ferrous and non-ferrous. To treat ferrous mineral, magnetic separators are used.

FMS-Co produced more than 1000 of magnetic drum separators (in over 100 plants and process above 50 million tons concentrate yearly) in wide range of size (both wet and dry type).

FMS-Co design magnetic separators in accordance to standards dimension to meet the variety of client requirements. Magnetic equipment is as follow:

  • Drum separator (wet and dry)
  1. LIMS (Low-Intensity Magnetic Separators)
  2. MIMS (Medium-Intensity Magnetic Separators)
  • WHIMS (Wet High-Intensity Magnetic Separators)
  • HGMS (High-Gradient Magnetic Separators)
  • Piping and pumping

Mineral beneficiation for non-ferrous totally depend on differences of surface features such as Chemical Composition and mineralogy. Flotation is the most conventional and effective method which is designed for treating ferrous and non-ferrous mineral. Mineral beneficiation equipment consists of:

  • flotation Cell
  • X Ray Sorter
  • sampler


Fakoor Meghnatis Spadana Company is comprised of specialized and highly motivated groups which embraced on designing and manufacturing of mineral processing equipment since 1992. FMS experts use comprehensive CFD-3 phases analysis to design and manufacture flotation cells and obtain the optimum separation efficiency and also and circuit. FMS-Co has established the capability of manufacturing advanced flotation cell including with the 10m3, 50m3,160m3 also 250 m3 is on the horizon.