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A Certain Solution for Sticky & Brittle Material Screening in Pelletizing Plant

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FMS Sampeler Overview

Sampler is mainly used to sample materials from moving conveyor belt and is adjustable to customized sampling time and duration interval with no need for operator. Developed with a separate chassis and cover, sampler can easily be installed on conveyor belt as is and free from any need to change in design and components of the conveyor belt. It has a sampling hammer attached to a hollow shaft gearbox motor. Receiving a command from the control panel PLC, it spins once and delivers collected sample from the moving conveyor belt to the tailing chute.



  • Operator-free sampling
  • Customized number and duration of sampling
  • No need to change the material-carrying conveyor belt
  • Separate chassis and cover
  • Equipped with wear-resistant liner tailing chute

Product Information

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  • Type: November 20, 2018
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