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Production of Iron Ore concentrate by Hybrid Method

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High pressure grinding rolls (HPGR)

An energy efficient solution to maximize productivity & profitability


The energy-efficiency of crushing and grinding processes is becoming a critical issue for minerals processing and cement industries. Approximately 37% of electrical energy worldwide is used by industrial sectors, of which the mining industry alone consumes about 4%. More than half of this is used in crushing and grinding operations.

As the softer reserves are running short, the minerals industry is reaching harder ores and the valuable content in the ores is diminishing, placing more emphasis on the importance of the energy-efficient crushing and grinding techniques.

In this regard, it has been evidently proven that High pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) is an energy efficient grinding solution in minerals industry.

Process overview

HPGRs utilize two counter-rotating tires or rolls in order to effectively crush ore. Hydraulic cylinders apply very high pressure to the system, causing inter-particle comminution as the feed travels between the two tires.