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A Certain Solution for Sticky & Brittle Material Screening in Pelletizing Plant

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FMS Crusher Overview

The ZROg 846M cone crusher is a modern high performance hydraulically adjusted crusher which is the result of intensive research and development of the crushing and mechanical design. This development was achieved by taking the experiences from a multitude of applications and combining this with the latest developments in materials and design know how.

The ZROg 846M cone crusher boasts significantly improved performance, capacity and installed power, while at the same time retaining the reliability, excellent product shape and high set under that is an industry benchmark.

The brilliant design uses a heavy duty hydraulic cylinder to support the main shaft; this feature combined with the significant flexibility of our automatic control and monitoring system allows easy and automatic crusher setting and crusher utilization optimization and monitoring during operation.

Ease of operation and maintenance coupled to the aforementioned features positions the ZROg 846M as a state of the art, cost efficient, modern cone crusher with advanced performance.

The ZROg 846M cone crusher has a large clearing circuit, and is designed to safely and quickly allow uncrushable materials to pass, avoiding costly damage and associated downtime for repairs. The use of a single bowl for all liners over its range of operation helps reduce downtime and inventory costs while allowing optimum versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in any aggregate application.

The ZROg series of cone crusher has a wide field of use as it can easily be matched to changes in production through the proper selection of crushing chamber and eccentric throw. Our cone crusher is ideal for secondary and even tertiary crushing.

The ZROg 846M provides automatic overload protection and can be equipped with our automatic setting system that optimizes cone crusher efficiency and automatically adapts the crusher to variations in feed conditions. This system, by continuously measuring and compensating for crusher liner wear, allows you fully utilize crusher liners and schedule liner replacements to coincide with planned maintenance stops.


Higher Capacity
Thanks to the combination of higher speed and throw which increases the machine's power rating and throughput capability, the ZROg Series cone crusher have the highest capacities for their size in the industry.
ZROg technology allows you to use either fewer or smaller units to get the highest possible production out of the smallest possible space.

Higher Quality
The peculiar crushing action of ZROg Series cone crushers creates a higher value for your product by providing a more consistent gradation and a superior product shape. The ability to operate at a fixed mechanical creates less setting drift and provides more stability throughout the circuit. Also, the use of a tramp release system with a fixed return point makes sure that the crusher setting is instantaneously maintained even after passing a piece of tramp iron. The ZROg 846M enables you to produce a finer product with fewer crushing stages, lowering your capital costs and saving energy.



Advanced technology means highest outputs, low operating cost, minimum maintenance, simple operation and maximum safety.


  • Production of ballast and chippings in the natural rock and gravel industry
  • Ore mining
  • Ore crushing in metallurgical plants
  • Refractory industry
  • Other primary industry areas


  • High throughputs
  • High crushing degrees
  • Cubic products
  • Low operating and wear part costs
  • Quick change of gap settings and product sizes
  • Simple crusher operation with optimum efficiency
  • Easily converted to other crushing tasks (feed properties and product requirements)
  • Sturdy design
  • No pressure increase caused by tramp material
  • Large main shaft resilience stroke
  • Optimum life of crushing members
  • Reliable electronics
  • Easy reading of operating data


Hydraulic System
The main shaft of the ZROg 846M cone crusher is supported and controlled by a hydraulic system during operation and boasts the following benefits:

  • Simple and easy crusher operating gap setting and re-adjustment.
  • Fully remote setting and automated control of the crusher main shaft.
  • Tramp relief and overload protection upon introduction of uncrushable foreign material into the crushing chamber. The elimination of such material is facilitated by the main shaft lowering automatically and releasing the material and then continuing with normal operation.

Main Shaft Supporting Structure
The main shaft has upper and lower support.
This arrangement supports the crushing of very competent and large feed material without having to manage high loads applied to the main crusher body. Over and above the metallurgical benefits offered by the bearing system, this design reduces critical loading of the main shaft and results in longer fatigue life and lower power consumption.


The ZROg 846M enjoys from a compact and reliable control and monitoring system especially designed it that provides all operating, adjustment and overload monitoring functions required to run a cone crusher in a comfortable way.


  • Detecting the zero gap for gap adjustments, for changes and for compensating wear
  • Automatic change of the gap width under load within seconds
  • Display of the selected gap width
  • Easy check of the wear status of crushing members by displaying the position of the crushing cone
  • Preventing the crushing gap from being reduced when crushing members have reached the wear limit
  • Main shaft position is automatically kept constant and/or the crusher is automatically operated in the desired kW range preventing the reference gap from dropping below a minimum value
  • Controlling the reference gap as a function of specified performance and pressure limits
  • High degree of safety when foreign matter is fed which cannot be crushed
  • Large shaft lowering stroke in case of overload to increase the crushing gap and allow foreign matter to pass through
  • Maximum operational safety owing to reliable software, exact measurements and precisely working control elements
  • Control and interlocking of all drive units as well as pressure, volume and temperature monitoring devices
  • Automatic operation and service operation with individual motor control
  • Optical display of crusher status
  • Input of all operating data via a touchscreen with control display
  • Input of the main limit values via PIN code, such as maximum electric power, maximum hydraulic pressure, lowest and highest main shaft positions
  • Display of the operating data inputs by calling up the reference and actual values
  • Registration of production hours and running hours
  • Registration of peak loads and peak pressures
  • Remote data transmission is possible

The electronic control and monitoring unit of ZROg 846M can be programmed and can be extended on a modular principle for the crusher itself and for the machines and equipment upstream and downstream of the crusher.


The ZROg series cone crushers are designed to be compatible with automated plants. Optional features allow you to monitor and control cone crusher operating parameters to yield maximum efficiency and consistent performance.

We offer solutions designed to fit your specific needs - and your budget - from options for semi or fully-automated plants that incorporate automatic adjustment and auto choke feed features to simpler "stand alone" remote control packages that include:

  • Push-button adjustment
  • Crusher setting display
  • Push-button calibration for liner wear
  • Display of approximate liner wear remaining
  • Auto-protect mode
  • Display of lubrication and hydraulic system conditions
  • Tracking of alarm conditions and trending of operation data

Combined as a standard feature on ZROg crushers, the proven control system allows integration into the network of any plant control system, regardless of type or brand!
This control system allows even the most demanding tasks in the areas of controls engineering and motion control to be combined into a single network and provides an ideal foundation for future upgrades and modular machine concepts.
Features include the capability to run the crusher with a single touch-screen and the ability to have a connection via LAN and laptop, or Smartphone.
Auto-wear keeps track of liner wear and makes adjustments on-the-fly, without operator input.


We are on your side
Before, during and after the sale, you can count on the experts at FMS to provide the best service and support. Whether you're installing an entire customized system, a complete circuit, or simply replacing or updating a single piece of equipment, you can count on us to help you make sure it's the right equipment for your precise needs.
In the design stage, we look at variables such as ore characteristics and properties, physical space limitations, size of ore body - even your financial situation - just to name a few. Once you make your purchase, you'll be linked to us and we give you immediate access to the right parts, in stock, and delivered promptly. If you have questions, a trained service analyst is always standing by -over the phone or in person - ready to analyze your needs and recommend a complete, long-term, cost effective solution.
We even offer training sessions to help you get the most out of your system.
ZROg series cone crushers. A world of difference in technology, quality, performance, reliability, and support.
To find out more, contact us now!

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