Fakoor Meghnatis Spadana Co. (FMS) is comprised of a number of specialized and highly motivated groups which embarked on designing and manufacturing of mineral processing equipment since 1992.

FMS has been in close cooperation with various mines and industries nationwide and international. The state of the art technologies are laid behind wear resistance AF190 rolls of pelletizing plant roller screen with 3 years life time (Availability+) and high recovery magnetic separators (Recovery+). In addition, FMS has known as sole national manufacturer and globally top rated manufacturer of pelletizing roller screen.

Considering experiences of Fakoor Sanat Tehran Co. (FST), and enjoying specialized and qualified groups in design, quality control, planning, manufacturing, R&D, and extensive after-sales services, FMS has acted successfully in providing beneficiation facilities as well as iron ore concentrate essential equipment.

Regarding the mission of FMS, we have been involved in providing solution for beneficiation plants and has achieved a great success in optimizing the design and production methods by creating innovations.

Nowadays, by developing complete engineering, machining, fabrication, and manufacturing departments to design and manufacture customized mineral equipment, we have been the professional manufacturer of drum separator, WHIMS, roller screen/feeder, coated AF190 roll, vibratory screen/feeder and flotation cells to meet demanding conditions of use.


Roller Screen/Feeder

FMS roller screen availability+ series comes enhanced with its unique AF190 roll which introduces maximum screening efficiency with more than 3 years life time. Since, no roller gap adjustment or roller replacement is required, therefore, the equipment is always available with the efficiency a brand new screen.


Coated Roll

FMS roller production line generates different types of roller in from 55mm-155 mm outer diameter and up to 6m length.

AF190 rolls enhanced with high wear and corrosion resistant thermal spray coating can easily bears abrasion, sticking material and impact of material flow. 3 years lifetime with consistent working efficiency makes the roller screen available+.


Magnetic Seprator

FMS produced more than 1000 of magnetic drum separators (in over 100 plants and process above 50 million tons concentrate yearly) both wet and dry types. All the magnetic drum separators have been developed and optimized in accordance with plant builders and operators requirements in a closed three lateral cooperation between FMS, EPC contractor and Iron ore mining industry.



FMS WHIMS enhanced with 10,000 Gauss magnetic intensity has designed to upgrade ferrous metals, recovering low grade iron particles out of Non-Ferrous ores.

As the main separation challenge, WHIMS equipment enables to effectively recover low grade ferrous metal such as magnetite tail and hematite, chromite, and manganese ores. It is also successfully implemented for rare earth ore separation issues such like titanium iron ore.

From another point of view, WHIMS can be used for purification purposes. Sample cases are removing iron, wolframite, mica or garnet from quartz and silicates.



The optimization of the Shahroud copper ore beneficiation plant by using of physical preconcentration X-ray sorting method


Efficiency and capacity improvement of green pellet roller screen by choosing the optimum roller type for Ardakan pelletizing plant


Development a novel proven wet magnetic separator for improvement efficiency of Lebedinsky concentrate plant


A Comparative Evaluation On The Effect Of Chrome Plated Rollers On The Screening Performance Of Pelletizing Roller Screens